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Made in Indiana
TIG Welded in Indiana USA - Aerospace Quaility!

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->NEW MARCH 2016 Our twist lock filter lowers weight and decreases height by 17mm or almost .75"

-> Billet dipstick for oil depth check ;)

-> -10an aluminum bungs for leak free fast connections, just snug to tighten

-> Large volume decreases velocity and helps catch oil.. but also helps vent faster meaning more power from reduced work by motor and less oil residue being burned messing up your A/F Ratios

oil catch can oil catch can

oil catch can oil catch can

oil catch can oil catch can

New Type S "single or small" Race catchCan $95 shipped as shown with two -10an and filter. Filter twistlocks so you can twist off and see fluid inside for depth gauge.

The Type C or "closed" catch can $125 shipped has a port on top that allows you to recirc back into the intake tube after your filter but before turbo if turbocharged or if not turbo before your throttle body. Type C has a nice complex baffle inside that will catch oil fragments.

BUY NOW Type S $95 or BUY NOW Type C $125

oil catch can oil catch can

BUY NOW Type S $95 or BUY NOW Type C $125
Helps catch oil fragments that exit the valve cover. The stock bung on the valve cover is normally baffled to prevent oil from exiting. Sometimes even if you use the stock valve cover breather hole oil fragments will exit and enter the intake or exit on your engine or ground depending on your setup. Oil drips are not looked at with pleasure from your raceway. When turbo its best to put a nipple on the intake tube between your turbo and air filter. This nipple creates some vacuum helping to suck old air out of the valve cover and crank case.

This if for race but also street applications. Its normal to weld two bungs to the valve cover. Those bungs are not baffled and catch alot of oil. If you are going this route you will want the race catchcan as its volume is larger and intended for more airflow. Has bracket welded on back for easy install. -10an fittings on top Two -10an bungs for valvecover -6an fitting on bottom for drain -6an cap for drain. Optional you will need two 3ft sections of stainless line for -10 and usually two 90 degree -10an push on fitting.. two straight -10an push on fittings. You may find it good to use two 45 degree -10an fittings in some cases.

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